As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Sheriff’s Office is actively working on plans to limit exposure of our deputies and the general public.

Effective immediately, we are going to begin handling some calls via telephone. When dispatch receives a call, they will continue to deal with the call following their normal protocols. They will CAD (notate) and dispatch the call to the appropriate unit as usual. It will be the responsibility of the deputy and the on-duty supervisor to evaluate which calls can be handled via telephone. Once a determination is made that it is a “telephone” response, the deputy will make contact with the complainant via phone and provide the appropriate information and complete the proper paperwork.

As a reminder, this is a fluid situation that will be changing daily. We will continue to re-evaluate the situation and make adjustments as needed.

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Patrol Division

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The Criminal Patrol Division of the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office operates 24/7 with the mission of protecting and serving the citizens of Montgomery County. The primary area of responsibility for the Patrol Division is outside of the city limits of Montgomery. This includes areas from the north end of the county such as Flatwood and Sellbrook, all the way to the south end of the county in Ramer, Grady and Lapine. The patrol division also provides all Law Enforcement services to the incorporated Town of Pike Road and its surrounding communities like Waugh and Mt. Meigs. The division is comprised of 63 sworn deputies who serve in various assignments with the common goal of enforcing laws.  The Patrol Division is comprised of six patrol squads that work 12-hour shifts, a traffic enforcement unit, and a K-9 Unit. The “A” Squads alternate day shifts, the “B” Squads alternate night shifts and the “C” Squads alternate swing shift duties.

The Patrol Division also handles security check requests.

Fill out the form completely, print, and mail to:

Montgomery County Sheriff's Office
attn: Patrol Division
P.O. Box 4219
Montgomery, Alabama 36103

Division Staff

  • Division Commander: Capt. George Beaudry
  • A Squad Commanders: Lt. Scott Cone, Lt. James Smith 
  • B Squad Commanders: Lt. Ricky Thompson, Lt. Jeremy Clemens
  • C Squad Supervisors: Sgt. Ben Harrison, Sgt. David Alford
  • K-9 Supervisor: Sgt. David Talley

A and B Squad Patrol

The Deputies assigned to the rotating patrol squads are primarily responsible for patrolling outside of the city limits and providing law enforcement services to the citizens of Montgomery County.  They are responsible for responding to calls for service as well as vacation home and business checks.  Additionally, the patrol deputies work traffic enforcement on the roadways of Montgomery County.

C Squad Patrol

The Deputies assigned to the C Squad are used as a “swing” shift primarily responsible for patrolling areas based on crime trend spikes.  The supervisors of these units work closely with our Investigative Division following statistics and determining the locations, days, times when crimes are more likely to occur.  When a crime trend is identified the members of these squads are assigned to concentrate their efforts in those areas with the mission of preventing further crimes and arresting those responsible for crimes.

Traffic Enforcement

The Deputies assigned to the traffic enforcement unit are specially equipped with motorcycles and speed detection devices. You will see them in the mornings and afternoons in our school zones helping keep the students of the Montgomery County Schools safe. In between their efforts in the school zones the traffic units enforce traffic laws on the roadways of Montgomery County.

K-9 Unit

The Deputies assigned to the K-9 unit are all specially trained to work with a K-9 partner. The unit is comprised of six K-9 teams, five of the dogs are trained in apprehension work and narcotics detection, one of the dogs is trained in apprehension work and explosives detection. The K-9 teams assist the patrol and swing shift deputies by responding to calls for service which may require the special skills of the trained K-9. The K-9 unit also assists outside agencies and organizations with narcotics sweeps and bomb sweeps.