As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Sheriff’s Office is actively working on plans to limit exposure of our deputies and the general public.

Effective immediately, we are going to begin handling some calls via telephone. When dispatch receives a call, they will continue to deal with the call following their normal protocols. They will CAD (notate) and dispatch the call to the appropriate unit as usual. It will be the responsibility of the deputy and the on-duty supervisor to evaluate which calls can be handled via telephone. Once a determination is made that it is a “telephone” response, the deputy will make contact with the complainant via phone and provide the appropriate information and complete the proper paperwork.

As a reminder, this is a fluid situation that will be changing daily. We will continue to re-evaluate the situation and make adjustments as needed.

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Mac Sim Butler Detention Facility

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Mac Sim Butler Detention FacilityIn October 2006, construction began on a new facility. The $50 million, 169,768 square foot expansion, combined with the existing facility, gives us a total capacity for 1290 inmates. The new facility consists of four floors, three of which houses inmates.

  • The first floor provides intake and release, central control, records, and staff gym. This floor also houses the administrative offices and a large conference room.
  • The second floor consists of the medical unit, a multi purpose room and the female housing unit. The medical unit is a state-of-the-art medical and dental operation which allows for the treatment of inmates illnesses and injuries. It contains a waiting area, 27 single cells, padded cells, observation cells, a pharmacy, medical offices, exam rooms and storage.
  • The third and fourth floors house minimum and medium security male detainees. Housing units contain four-person cells, a recreation area, a visitation area and a multi-purpose room to provide for inmate programs and services in each unit. Each unit contains mezzanine housing levels arranged to afford maximum visibility from an enclosed control booth. Each control booth is staffed by a correctional officer who supervises 3 inmate housing areas, each containing 12 four-person cells, 48 beds to a block and 144 inmates to a unit.

Law Enforcement Vehicle Entrance

Law Enforcement vehicles enter the sally port from 2 locations: Hull Street or Alabama Street. When entering the sally port, pressing the intercom button to alert Central Control that you need access. The sally port clearance is 9' 10" and has only three parking spaces available.


When picking up a subject that is being released from custody or for any other purpose, Law Enforcement Officers enter through 1110-A and proceed to the releasing counter. An intercom button is located next to each door to alert Central Control that you need access through that door.


When dropping off a subject, Law Enforcement Officers enter the building through the Booking Door (1108-B) then through 1108-A. An intercom button is located next to each door to alert Central Control that you need access through that door. Entrance is then made through the Law Enforcement Lobby where reports may be completed while the subject is secured in a holding cell.


If you have any questions or concerns or if you would like to request a tour, please contact:

Colonel Sonja Pritchett
Director of Detention
(334) 832-1334