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  Mac Sim Butler Detention Facility 

  225 South McDonough Street
  Montgomery, Alabama  36104

                  SENIOR STAFF

                              Director of Detention
                          Colonel Wanda Robinson

                      Assistant Director of Detention
                            Major Barbara Palmer

                     Inmate Programs Coordinator
                      Captain Hortense Christburg

                   Detention Security & Recruiting
                          Captain Etta Matthews

The Mac Sim Butler Detention Facility (MSBDF), is operated by the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, and is located at 225 South McDonough Street in Montgomery.  The Detention Facility holds prisoners for the Sheriff's Office and all law enforcement agencies in Montgomery County.

The MSBDF provides for the safe, secure and constitutional confinement of those persons committed to the custody of the jail, either to await trial or upon sentence of the court, and attempts to ensure that all inmates are treated impartially and in accordance with the established laws of the United States and the State of Alabama.  There are approximately 178 Correctional Officers and 34 civilian support personnel on staff.  The facility admits approximately 5,800 inmates yearly and has an average daily population of 513 inmates.  The average daily cost per inmate is $77.00.

The Detention Facility operates a 24-hour, year round schedule. Correctional Officers provide indirect supervision from inside a control booth while Roving Correctional Officers patrol the halls and control stations to ensure the civil rights of inmates are protected, to keep negative behavior to a minimum, and to reduce tension.

Inmates may participate in education and recreation programs provided their behavior has been appropriate while at the Detention Facility.  The goal of the facility is to encourage positive behavior by providing constructive activities during incarceration in the hope inmates will lead better lives when they are released.


                                           View a copy of the 2010 Detention Facility Inmate Handbook below: 


                              Inmate Handbook

                             Inmate Handbook-Spanish Version


 Contact Information

Montgomery County Sheriff's Office
115 S Perry St
Montgomery, Alabama 36104

Sheriff D.T. Marshall



Non-Emergency (334) 832-4980                 
Fax:(334) 832-2500
Secret Witness:(334) 832-1200

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